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Who is Mostakbal Watn

The President of the party decides to issue a general program with a vision of the basic principles that the party seeks to apply in the political, economic and social life in Egypt.

The party's program should include the following topics:

  1. The first axis: Public rights and freedoms.
  2. The second axis: The political system and its institutions.
  3. The third axis: Public and local administration.
  4. The fourth axis: The economic system and policies.
  5. The fifth axis: Social policies.
  6. The sixth axis: Identity and cultural policies.
  7. The seventh axis: Foreign policy and national security.
Egypt should be a modern democratic state of its people to enjoy freedom, prosperity, social justice ,and all the rights that preserve and maintain their dignity and strengthens Egypt's position regionally and globally. We seek to build a productive agricultural and industrial state that supports Egypt's economy with the help of our youth and achieves growth and prosperity for its children, through a constructive and advanced educational system and a health system that protects the nation's youth, a state of institutions that translate these demands into policies and decisions implemented for the benefit of citizens and with their participation.
We do our best to be one of the largest political parties, in terms of its mass base or political influence ,and to be the most committed to the implementation of our regulations and to ensure our internal democracy, which contributes to obtain the confidence of citizens and access to influential positions in decision-making which will help us with the execution of our program, vision and aspirations in Egypt.
In its political rivalry, the party seeks to translate its vision and implement its program from a set of principles that shape its identity, and controls its political practice. The most prominent are:
  1. Citizenship and equality.
  2. Ensure fundamental rights and freedoms.
  3. Rule of law and sovereignty, consolidate democracy and pluralism and promote popular participation.
  4. Strengthening the civil service within an effective public administration.
  5. Ensure human security to protect national security.
  6. Citizen Dignity and Social Justice.
  7. Protecting the gains of both revolutions "January 25 and June 30"  
Members of the Central Secretariat

Ashraf Rashad El Shrief

Party President

Dr. Mohamed Manzour

Vice President

Abd El Hady el Kosabi

Vice President

Alaa Abed

Vice President

Ashraf Rashad Othman

Vice President

Eng. Hossam El Kholy

General Secretary

Mohamed Abou El Enein

Deputy leader of the party for parliamentary affairs

Karim Darwish

General Sec. Assistant

Eng. Mohamed El Garhy

General Sec. Assistant

Akmal Allah Farouk

General Sec. Assistant

Emad Saad Hamouda

General Sec. Assistant

Abd el Hamid El Demerdash

General Sec. Assistant

Counselor: Essam Helal

Secretary of the organization

Rasha Ramadan

Secretary of Women

Fakhry Tayel

Sec. of Local Councils Affairs

Dr. Mahmoud Saad

Professional Secretary

Tarek El Kholy

Secretary of Relations

Saadawy Deif allah

Sec. of Arab Tribes Affairs

Samy Mohamed Moussa Hashim Arafat

Secretary of Education and Scientific Research

Sherif El Gabry

Secretary of Membership

Dina abd el Kereem

Media Secretary

Eng. Ahmed Sabry

Youth Secretary

Mohamed abd el Salam

Sec. of evaluation and follow-up

Mohamed Ammar

Secretary of the public work

Naglaa Said Farid

Secretary of Public Relations

Eng. Mohamed Sabry

Sec. of Parliamentary Affairs

Said Nasr

Secretary of Workers

Dr. Ashraf Maray

Sec. of People with disabilities

Mohamed Mustafa El Salab

Business Secretary

Ahmed Fawzy

Sec.of Resource Development and Social Service

Dr. Nabil Helmy

Legal Secretary

Mohamed Shawky

Legislative Affairs Secretary

Osama Mohamed Kamal

Secretary of Energy and Environment Affairs

Yousry El Maghazy

Sec. of Housing and Utilities Affairs

Magdy Bayomy

Member of the Central Secretariat

Hany Dahy

Sec. of Transport and Communications Affairs

Saif Mohamed Sameh

Sec. of Culture, Arts and Sports Affairs

Fakhr EL Deen Fiqui

Sec. of Economic Affairs and Investment

Mohamed Adel

Sec. of Agriculture and Irrigation Affairs

Samir Mohamed Sabry

Sec. of Industry and Trade Affairs

Ahmed Ragab Mohamed

Sec.of Communications and Info. Technology Affairs

Al-Amri Farouk Abdul Hamid

Sec. of the affairs of advisory bodies  

Mohamed Kamal Maraay

Sec. of Small and Medium Enterprises Affairs

Yahya Issawi Dawood

Sec. of Governmental Relations Affairs

Ahmed Abdel-Moneim Mohamed El-Gendy

Secretary of Training and Education

Mohamed Nabil Mohamed El-Sayed Halawa

Secretary of Planning and Entrepreneurship

Margaret Azer

Citizenship Secretary

Ahmed Fouad Abaza

Member of the Central Secretariat

Shadia Khudair Meliji Al-Jamal

Member of the Central Secretariat

Mohamed Seliem

Member of the Central Secretariat

Aladdin Mohammed Abdul Hamid

Member of the Central Secretariat

Samer Mohammed Ahmed Al-Talawi

Member of the Central Secretariat

Sherif Fakhry

Sec. of Egyptians Abroad Affairs  

Sahar Sediky abd el Azim Mohamed

Member of the Central Secretariat

Mohamed Abdou sadik Lamii

Member of the Central Secretariat

Mohamed Moustafa Darwishi EL Matsha

Member of the Central Secretariat

Ashraf Mahmoud Ibrahim

Member of the Central Secretariat

Mahmoud Shamy

Secretary of Business Secretariat

Dr. Shehata Ghareeb Shelkamy

Mem. of the Central Secretariat

Kamel Micheal Kamel Abd el Missih

Member of the Central Secretariat

Amr Mohamed

Member of the Central Secretariat

Dr. Talaat abd el Kawii El Said abd el Latif

Member of the Central Secretariat

Alaa Adel Ali Mahmoud El Sbi3i

Member of the Central Secretariat

Khaled Abd el Rahman Abdullah Mashhour

Member of the Central Secretariat

Ahmed Othman Ahmed Othman

Member of the Central Secretariat

Governors of the governorates

Mohamed Maher


Alaa Wali


Atef Nasr


Rizk Ragheb Deef allah


Eng. Saleh Sultan


Fawzy Refaay

Kafr El Shiekh

Mohamed Zein El Deen

El Beheira

Mohamed El Morshedy


Mohamed Araby


Mohamed El Hosay


Samer El Talawy


Dr. Mohamed Seliem


Adel Lamy

Port Said

Hamad Mousa


Ahmed Khashana


Eng. Abd El Kader El Garhy


Hussam El Omda

Beni Suef

Alaa El Sebieay


Yasser Amr


Mohamed Mustafa


Gamal Farag

New Valley

Dr. Abas Mansour


Mohamed El Amary


Hassan Said Khalil


Emad Seif

Red Sea

Salim El Oksh

North Sinai

Gifara El Gafii

South Sinai