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Mostakbal Watn

Mostakbal Watn believes that the security of our homeland and territory should be the first and absolute priority for all Egyptians. It is a young party initiated after the glorious revolutions of the 25th of January and the 30th of June. The party have 120 thousand young members from 27 governorates. it has 58 headquarters in all governorates of Egypt. Mostakbal Watan mission is to empower young people through thought, awareness, training, education, qualification and utilization of the existing know how and experience that allow us to benefit and develop this country. it is a unique and different experience, with the youth of the party's president, Engineer Ashraf Rashad Al-Sharif was able to reunite young Egyptians from all governorates of Egypt on the idea of ​​supporting our homeland security, territory and support the Great Egyptian Army in this mission, 95% of the executive council is Less than 35 years old. In its first parliamentary experiment, Mostaqbal Watan was able to win 53 seats in the House of Representatives and is considered one of the effective parliamentary blocs inside and outside the Council.